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  • Other wrinkles that develop with movement

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DM Cosmetic: Award-Winning Cosmetic Clinic For Botox Treatment

As we age, we develop two different kinds of facial wrinkles or folds, dynamic and static.  Dynamic wrinkles occur when one uses their facial muscles in expression unlike static wrinkles that are present even at rest.  

Botulinum Toxin Treatment, otherwise known as neuromodulators such as Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Nuceiva and Xeomin Cosmetic,  is most useful for dynamic wrinkles, while fillers (this would be linked to the filler page) work best for deep folds, static wrinkles and volumization.  It works to reduce the muscle action that is creating the line.  Neuromodulator treatment has been used safely for over 20 years and is a purified protein that acts locally on the muscle into which it is injected.  It takes about 15 minutes for a treatment, has no down time and starts to work in 4-10 days. Full results typically last 3-4 months at the beginning and last longer once you have been doing the treatment for a while.  The most common areas treated are the glabella (frown lines between the eyebrows that look line the number 11 and make you look angry) , crow’s feet (radial lines coming out from the side of the eyes) and forehead lines.  Other areas that may be treated off-label include:

  • The chin to reduce the dimpling effect. 
  • Upper lip to reduce smoker’s lines. 
  • The downward sloping corners of the mouth. 
  • The bunny lines on the nose that become noticeable when you “scrunch” your face.
  • The vertical lines down the neck from the corners of the jaw to the collar bone called platysmal bands. 

One aspect about neuromodulator treatment in the frown lines  is that it allows the frontal/forehead muscle to act unopposed (like weakening one side in a tug-of-war) and raise the eyebrow (like a non-surgical brow lift).  If you put too much Botulinum into the frontal muscle, in an effort to reduce the horizontal forehead lines, you won’t get as much lift of the eyebrow.  Most patients prefer the brow lift over the elimination of the horizontal frontal lines. Unfortunately, you can’t have it both ways, you can’t eliminate the horizontal lines and get a lift at the same time.   Some patients will choose to soften deep horizontal lines over getting a brow lift.  The best choice is determined during your office consultation with our nurse and Dr. Matta.  Often, I will treat the glabella first, wait two weeks and decide if the patient still wants the horizontal lines treated or if they prefer the brow lift.

The crows feet can also be very aging.  A little bit of neuromodulator into the orbicularis muscle around the eye reduces them significantly. Overly enthusiastic treatment to the lower crows can alter the appearance when one smiles.  It is always a balancing act when treating patients with any cosmetic procedure.  That is why it is so important to have treatment by a qualified medical doctor who has years of experience.

In general, neuromodulator treatment is very safe with minimal side effects.  Most negative issues arise from using too much or after being treated by an inexperienced injector.  Some people have this misconception that it will give you a “frozen” look but that only occurs with too much treatment or if the patient wants to be “frozen”.  At DM Cosmetic we want patients to look fabulous, not fake and maintain movement while minimizing wrinkles.  One can always add, but you can’t take it away. 

Botox for Women & Men

At DM Cosmetic Clinic, Medical Spa and Wellness Centre we provide botox treatments for women and men.

Botox: Safety Concerns

In general, neuromodulators such as Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin Cosmetic and Dysport are a very safe treatment with minimal side effects. Most concerns about treatment arise from using too much or an inexperienced injector.

Dr. Matta is a highly skilled Botox doctor, having treated patients since 2002 and trained hundreds of physicians in the art and skill of cosmetic medicine including Botox.

Botox: Natural Appearance

At DM Cosmetic Clinic, we prefer a natural appearance as opposed to trying to simply look younger. When you combine neuromodulator treatment with fillers and professional cosmeceuticals or rejuvenative procedures such as Fraxel or Fractora, you can look natural, refreshed and more youthful.

Why Choose DM Cosmetic Clinic and Dr. Matta For Botox?

DM Cosmetic Clinic Botox treatments are performed by Dr. Matta, a Botox Doctor, with many years of experience helping clients administer Botox in a safe and effective way, helping you look and feel better.

  • 27+ years of experience
  • state of the art facility
  • operated by Dr. Matta (read more), an advisor, trainer and expert on cosmetic and medical matters, including Botox treatment
  • we use superior quality products and equipment
  • exceptional client reviews
  • spacious, comfortable and relaxing setting with a wonderful staff


Botox Before and After

Botox Before and After Botox Forehead Wrinkles
Botox Woodbridge, Botox Vaughan: Botox treatment before and after woman's frown lines
Botox Woodbridge, Botox Vaughan: Botox injection for face of a woman before and after photo
Botox Woodbridge, Botox Vaughan: Botox for crow's feet of a woman before and after

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